Venison Butchery by the OG Oliver Gladwin

Oliver Gladwin, Executive Chef of the Gladwin Brothers, did a venison butchery for the team at TBL last week. Bringing in a whole deer, that he had skinned himself, he then continued to butcher it into delicious cuts to appear on the menu in the coming weeks. 

This was a fallow deer that was shot in the South Downs, of course, keeping it Local & Wild. The deer was hung in the fur for 10 days before Oliver skinned it, so it was incredibly fresh, but the 10 days of ageing has tenderised the meat as well, which matures the flavour of it. 

Oliver had also foraged a Chicken of the Woods Mushroom. This has a very meaty texture and chicken-like flavour when cooked, which is absolutely delicious and a really exciting find!

The venison will be turned into all sorts of exciting dishes such as a ragu for our homemade fusilli, or Venison Cigars. 

Keep a look out for it on the menu soon!